Insurance products that make accessing the very best international healthcare easy and affordable


A speedy turnkey solution from first discussion to product launch in less than 12 weeks


With over 100 leading insurance companies, banks and corporations in more than 28 countries

Who we are

BDU is a specialist international underwriting agency with a mission.  We believe that anyone with a serious illness should be able to have the very best treatment from leading hospitals and specialist clinics around the world.

About Us

What we do

We create innovative healthcare insurance products that create competitive advantage; they maximise sales, improve loyalty and increase customer retention.

Our Products


Unlimited geographical reach

Our products provide access to the best international healthcare treatment worldwide.

Competitive rating

We pride ourselves on achieving a competitive rate for our products so our clients can provide customers with access to international healthcare – without having to ask “Can I afford it?”

Speedy implementation

We can implement our turnkey solution with clients within 3 months from initiation to full product launch; we can adapt to your needs.

Expert knowledge

We have more than 50 years of experience in the insurance industry and have been offering our products for more than 10 years.

We deliver our products to more than 60 insurance companies, several international banks, specialist brokers and employers around the world.

We offer innovative product solutions that can maximise sales, loyalty and retention of customers. Our products are a source of competitive advantage for our clients.

Our entrepreneurial history ensures we never lose sight of the people that matter. We believe that to deliver excellence requires excellent people in our business to help our clients and our customers succeed.

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